Wednesday, February 12, 2014

...Case DISMISSED on the Grounds of Entirely Judge decition ! You resurrect the case !

Case Dismissed !

[A] Mostly on the Grounds of "wrong" Company denomination ! Though the one used by the Pharmacy Label !

[B] No possible complete damages proof, to not make a multi-billion Cancer "human meat market" go into jeopardy !

[C] Affidavit by the Chinese Pharmacist intended for me to have penal incriminatory damages, as that was the Question asked by the Judge, which I dismissed and mostly ignored !

The Affidavit declares the medication I returned for their inspection was "opened"...!

Well till this day I kept the correcxt response ! NOBODY receives for anything a returned opened product !

THUS MOST LIKELY the product was re-opened and fixed up by this Pharmacist before returning to the provider !

Because I provided it closed with my seals as received from them ! But their Lab was not going to declare a wrong content ! And the seals they use are not sufficient guarantee for incriminating me, but only them !



Justice was not served ! It's dismissal declares illegal labeling, was accepted as my wrong establishment of Legal Person identification !

Completely wrong logic !

As to my health and damages, the Court did not and would not request more exams, which I did not have the means to do so !

Additionally there was no possibility of a private lab to testify on my behalf that the content was wrong and labels auto-adhesive had not been tampered with by me ! But all material given by the Defense is really incriminatory !

Nobody wanted it to be known that one of the products is not good for you, and the one in problem of fraud is good for you, and so was not wanted to be given to me as the true thing, by this Franchise and "drug/nuts"...!


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